Academic Council

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical College

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Academic Council

This is the college's top governing body. The Chairman of the Council is the Principal. The Director of the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical College Hospital (BSMMCH), Vice-Principal, Heads of Departments, all Professors, two senior-most Associate Professors (one from pre-clinical and another from clinical), two senior-most Assistant Professors (one from pre-clinical and another from clinical), and two elected students' representatives make up the Academic Council. This body is in charge of monitoring and maintaining control of the campus in order to ensure that the academic activities run smoothly. It also recommends disciplinary concerns to the Disciplinary Committee, which will take disciplinary action against those who break any college or discipline rule or regulation.


  • To discuss and make recommendations on all aspects of the college's academic matters, which the Principal may bring before the Council.
  • To discuss and provide recommendations in order to keep the college campus's atmosphere climate positive.
  • As and when matters are brought before the Council by the Principal, the Council will discuss and make suggestions about medical education, curriculum, and student courses (graduate and postgraduate).

Activities of the Academic Council:

  • The Academic Council meeting will be called by the Principal, preferably once a month. If an emergency arises, the Principal may summon a meeting of the Council at any moment.
  • The Principal will try to implement the Academic Council's recommendations as much as possible.
  • Recommendations that are outside the realm of the principal's ability to implement, will be referred to the appropriate higher authority.

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