Mission and Vision

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical College

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Mission and Vision of BSMMC


The main purpose of BSMMC is to create knowledge, skills, and attitudes that foster professionalism, teamwork, lifelong learning, empathy, cultural sensitivity, and leadership in order to show excellence in education, healthcare, and research in Bangladesh and beyond.



Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical College, Faridpur will maintain its position as a one of the best medical colleges in Bangladesh by focusing on educational excellence, patient-centered care, and ethical standards in order to address the community's health care needs. Through its highly effective and innovative educational programs, superior clinical care, community services, and research relevance, the college will increase its national reputation and expand its global reach as a quality-driven academic health center.



  • To train excellent and highly skilled doctors who will be able to handle community health issues, are knowledgeable about medical ethics, and have a positive attitude toward the profession.
  • To provide foreign educational opportunities through graduate, post-doctoral, and other trainee programs.
  • Through medical scientific research, to enhance excellence in the teaching of health care professionals.
  • Through continuing medical education, contribute to the spread and upgrading of medical knowledge and skills among doctors.
  • To be the community's primary source of medical expertise and service delivery in accordance with the patient's requirements, values, and recognized belief systems.


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